The below Terms and Conditions set the policy for submitting your personal information and materials (including, without limitation, video, script, treatment and format ideas) (together and/or individually whichever is applicable, the “Submitted Materials”) for a casting call or general submission (the “Audition”) for projects (the “Project”) organised by MBC Initiatives LLC, a company organized and existing under the laws of Saudi Arabia, (hereinafter referred to as “MBC Talent” which expression shall include its successors and assigns) or any third party that MBC Talent collaborates with. Your Submitted Materials will not be complete until you have accepted the Privacy Policy and the below Terms and Conditions (which may be amended from time to time). These Terms and Conditions constitute an agreement between MBC Talent and you, and shall remain in full force and effect while the Audition and Project are running.

Terms and Conditions

I hereby confirm by uploading and clicking on the accept button below, that I desire to participate in the Audition and I accept and fully understand these Terms and Conditions and agree that:

I am over 18 years old (or the age of majority which may be older than 18 in my country of residence), and I have the full, complete and unrestricted right and authority to enter into these Terms and Conditions. Accordingly, I undertake, when requested, to provide valid forms of identification showing proof of my age.
In the event I am under 18 years old (or under the age of majority which may be older than 18 in my country of residence), it will be necessary for my legal guardian to fill in the form attached, to present and provide valid form of identification and proof of our relationship and to sign various documents related to my participation in the audition upon MBC Talent’ request.

I undertake to adequately fill out all the documents and answer all the questions requested by MBC Talent in an accurate, precise and timely way. All personal details and/or information given in the Submitted Materials either in this form or otherwise must be truthful, accurate and in no way misleading. I undertake to inform MBC Talent immediately if any such information becomes inaccurate.

I hereby undertake, if selected herein, to be at the disposal of MBC Talent at the dates and locations specified by MBC Talent, where I shall perform my act and which will be broadcast on TV or/and on MBC Talent’ digital platforms, whether live on air or not, and in the presence of a jury, audiences and/or the production team. I acknowledge that MBC Talent shall have the option to change the timetable for reasons related to the execution of the Audition, and during which I shall remain abiding to the provisions of these Terms and Conditions.

I am responsible for paying all associated costs that are not specifically stated in any promotional materials or these Terms and Conditions, including (where applicable) transport, travel costs, visa, accommodation, meal costs, spending money, insurance and all other incidentals.

I hereby acknowledge that no variation of these Terms and Conditions shall be effective unless it is in writing and signed by MBC Talent.

Submitted Materials are an original work created by me and were not previously published. Submitted Materials do not infringe or otherwise violate the intellectual property or other rights of any third party. I acknowledge that the Submitted Materials which at MBC Talent’ reasonable opinion appear to be plagiarized will be disqualified.

MBC Talent reserves the right to remove or temporarily suspend my entry from the Audition if, in its reasonable opinion, it suspects any breach of these Terms and Conditions or if it receives any complaint from a third party relating to my entry.

MBC Talent reserves the right at any time to cancel, modify or supersede my Audition if, in its sole discretion, the Audition is not capable of being conducted as specified.

I hereby agree to abide by all applicable laws and MBC Talent’ instructions during the Audition phase and, if selected by MBC Talent, during the phases that follows.

I hereby represent and warrant that I do not have any mental, emotional or physical condition that might impact my ability to participate in the Project or might have any impact on other participants.

I represent and warrant that there is no contract between me and any third party or any legal or regulatory provision or professional obligation which prevents me accepting these Terms and Conditions or from executing any of my contractual obligations or from participating in any phase of the Audition or the Project, failing which I shall be immediately excluded from the Audition and the Project on my responsibility.

By submitting the Submitted Materials, I acknowledge that I will not hold MBC Talent liable if one of MBC Talent’ independently produced Projects appears similar or identical to the Submitted Materials. I understand and acknowledge that MBC Talent have wide access to ideas, stories, designs, and other literary materials, and that new ideas are constantly being submitted to them or being developed by their own respective employees. I acknowledge that many ideas may be competitive with, similar or identical to the Submitted Materials each other in theme, idea, format or other respects. MBC undertakes to inform me immediately in the event my Submitted Materials were similar or identical to a project being developed by MBC Talent or any of its affiliates and/or subsidiaries. I acknowledge and agree that I will not be entitled to any compensation as a result of the use by MBC Talent of any such similar or identical material.

I grant MBC Talent the unconditional and perpetual right to use and broadcast my name, likeness, voice, performance, biography and events pertaining to me, etc, and related to the Submitted Materials and/or my Audition.

I acknowledge and agree that my participation in the Audition will bring me into close contact with the confidential information of MBC Talent and that concerning the Audition. Therefore, I will not use or discuss or disclose to any party any information or trade secrets obtained as a result of applying to be a participant in the Audition, or in the event I am selected to be a participant in the Project, including without limitation any information concerning or relating to the Project, MBC Talent, the jury members, the participants, the events contained in the Project or the outcome of the Project or the method(s) of production of the Project. This Article shall not be limited by time or place.

I hereby irrevocably undertake to refrain from appearing and/or participating in any visual and/or audio and/or audio visual program broadcasted by different means of media (whether in the Arab Countries and/or Worldwide, territorial and/or via satellite) similar to and/or competing to the Project or talking about my participation herein in any other Project, unless a prior written approval has been taken from MBC Talent. This undertaking shall commence from the date of my selection and shall continue till I am disqualified, in which case I will be asked to sign another agreement and execute this undertaking for another term.

I hereby acknowledge that my participation in the Audition and accepting these Terms and Conditions do not grant me any guarantee or right as regards my participation in any following selection phases and MBC Talent shall not be compelled to select me as the selection shall be at MBC Talent’ sole discretion; however, in the event I am selected to participate in the following phases, I shall be required to sign the agreements and/or any other documents that MBC Talent deem necessary for my participation in the Projects.

I acknowledge that MBC Talent reserves the right to remove or disqualify me from the Audition and/or the project at their absolute discretion and that the decision of MBC Talent’ is final.

The personal information that I share with MBC, is subject to MBC’ privacy policy

I hereby confirm that I participate at my own risk and MBC Talent shall not be liable for:

  • a. loss of business, use, profit, anticipated profit, contracts, revenues, goodwill or anticipated savings;
  • b. damage to the client’s reputation; or
  • c. consequential, special or indirect loss or damage

I will retain copyright the Submitted Materials entries to the Audition, however, by entering, I grant MBC Talent a worldwide, royalty-free, perpetual license to edit, publish and use the Submitted Materials in any and all media (including print and online) for publicity and news purposes.

I am free to enter into these Terms and Conditions and I hereby agree to indemnify MBC in respect of all actions, proceedings, claims, damages and other liabilities which may be brought against or incurred by MBC Talent as a result of the breach of any of my warranties, representations or obligations contained in these Terms and Conditions.

I hereby warrant that I have not entered into any commercial, sponsorship or other agreement or arrangement with any person, firm or company in respect of the Submitted Materials. Submitted Materials are not subject to any third party agreements and MBC Talent will not be required to pay any sums to any third party as a result of MBC Talent’s use (as set out in these Terms and Conditions) or the exploitation by MBC Talent of the idea, video or other rights contained in any entry.

If any provision of these Terms and Conditions is adjudged by a court to be void or unenforceable such provision shall no way affect any other provisions of these Terms and Conditions, the application of the provision in any other circumstances or the validity or enforceability of these Terms and Conditions and such provision shall be curtailed and limited only to the extent necessary to bring it within legal requirement.

These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and be construed in accordance with the laws of KSA. All disputes arising out of or in connection with these Terms and Conditions shall be settled under KSA courts.

Technical requirements

The Submitted Materials must comply with the below technical specs and social requirements as indicated on the website. Any Submitted Materials that, in MBC Talent’s discretion, do not comply with the below requirements may be excluded in MBC Talent’s sole discretion. The Submitted Materials must NOT contain any post-production voice effects or enhancements or be digitally enhanced or distorted.

Submitted Materials must NOT include any person other than you, unless the Audition permits two or more participants.

Submitted Materials must NOT contain material which is obscene, pornographic, discriminatory (based on race, sex, religion, national origin, physical disability, sexual orientation or age), illegal (for example, underage drinking, substance abuse, computer hacking, etc.), offensive, threatening or harassing.

Submitted Materials must NOT include mention or feature any uncleared copyrighted material, including but not limited to songs, music, films, books, television programming, artwork, sculpture, photographs, etc., or identifying descriptions of any copyrighted material.

Submitted Materials must NOT contain any known virus, trojan horse, worm, trapdoor or similar software that may in any way infect or affect any of the Promoter’s hardware or software systems.